Utah Python

Past Presentations

This page is still undergoing updates.


October 13 Amjith Ramanujam presented on profiling Python programs. slides
September 8 Stephen McQuay presented on virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper Matt Harrison presented on decorators.  
August 11 Stephen McQuay reported on the SciPy 2011 Conference  
July 14 Seth House presented on setup.py (slides)
June 9 Seth House presented on Python layout best practices modules Django / CLI (video/slides)
May 12 Thomas S. Hatch presented on Salt (video/slides)
April 14 Travis Hartwell presented on web automation (presentation)
March 17 Argparse Intro - Clint Savage. PyCon coverage — Group. Language Features — Seth House (Argparse Video)(PyCon Audio)(Language Features video/Language feature slides)
February Seth House serenaded us with Sphinx: The Python Documentation Generator (video/slides)
January No presentation (scheduling conflicts)  


November — Lightning Talks

October — Utah Open Source Conference (no meeting)

September — Michael Geary conducted a discussion of teaching Python to kids.

May — Seth House presented on Python Tips, Tricks, and Pitfalls. (slides)

February — Seth House presented on Packaging and Deployment. (slides)

January — Stephen McQuay presented on using multiple threads or processes to solve problems. Jake Trent presented on Django on Jython.


November — Alec Henriksen presented on WSGI (slides | example.py | notes)

October — Stephen McQuay gave an intro to Python at the Utah Open Source Conference

September — David Owen presented on SQL Alchemy. Examples: demo1, demo2, demo3

August — PyFunc - Functional programming in python - Jon McV

July — GUI Toolkit extravaganza, continued, and Christian Horne presented on Blender.

June — GUI Toolkit extravaganza, continued

May — GUI Toolkit extravaganza

April — Jeff Shipley presented on Pygame (slides)

March — Shawn Willden presented on his GridBackup project, a peer to peer backup system built on top of the allmydata.org Tahoe distributed file system (slides | lossmodel)

February — Matt Harrison presented “All I ever wanted to know about ‘Scripting’” (slides, handout)

January — Kael Fischer presented “Python in Large Scale Bioinformatics” (slides)


November — Ben Coverston presented an introduction to IronPython

October — Jonathan Ellis presented FormAlchemy.

September — Our speaker cancelled at the last minute. We had dinner at the Blue Iguana instead.

August — David Owen presented on Bazaar; Byron Clark presented on Mercurial (slides)

July — Justin Findlay gave a tutorial on scripting OpenOffice.org with Python, and Paul Cannon gave an overview of Twisted. No slides.

June — presentations on web.py and Jython by John Taber and Daniel Miller, respectively. Daniel’s slides and related source code are available.

May — Editor smackdown! Demos of Emacs, ViM, Komodo, PyDev, and Wing IDE. Nobody used slides, but Jonathan blogged some highlights here and Ryan McGuire wrote about his Emacs presentation in more detail.

April — Seth House introduced to Google App Engine based on the getting started documentation. Here are his slides and a video.

March — Paul Cannon presented on the Python C API. Slides and source are here.

February — John Harrison gave a preview of his pycon talk, which involves using PyGame and PySight together with a projector and a laser pointer to create video games controlled entirely through shining a laser on the projection surface. Check out the video and a longer description on his blog, as well as the slides and source used at the meeting.

January — Our speaker was unexpectedly hospitalized. (He’s fine now.) We had dinner at an Indian restaurant instead.


November — Matt Harrison presented doctest, unittest, and coverage tools. His slides, handout, and sample code are here. Ogg Vorbis recording is here. (Run rst2s5 on the slides source.)

October — Kevin Bell gave an overview of GIS (geographic information systems) and how Python is used in that field.

September — Python 101, Intro to Django, and Python in industry presented by Matt Harrison, Seth House, and Byron Clark, respectively. Matt’s slides; Seth’s slides

August — Dave Adams presented Plone. Slides here.

July — Jonathan Ellis presented on the ORM layer of SQLAlchemy.

June — Byron Clark presented IPython and SciPy.

May — For our first meeting in SLC, Jonathan Ellis reprised his Python 202 presentation and Matt Harrison gave a preview of his OSCON talk, “Programming with Dynamic Confidence.”

April — Distributed source control and Mercurial. Notes here; also a backport of mercurial 0.9.3 for ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper). (Source here.)

February — Jonathan Ellis presented SQLAlchemy. Notes here

January — Shane Hathaway presented ElementTree, now included standard in Python 2.5.


November — Paul Cannon presented the ctypes module as a followup to his general Python 2.5 presentation.

October — Jonathan Ellis presented SqlSoup. His notes were incorporated into the SqlSoup documentation

September — Paul Cannon’s September presentation on Python 2.5 followed AMK’s outline pretty closely


July — Steve Christensen’s SCons slides and code

June — Jonathan Ellis’s “Python 202” slides

May — Paul Cannon’s Noodle slides

AprilSlides and source from the presentation on PyGame

March — notes from the web frameworks meeting, with links to some source code and slides

January — Jonathan Ellis’s presentation on PyDO2 and psycopg


November — Conan Albrecht’s presentation on wxPython

October — Python for Sysadmins, covering regular expressions, the subprocess module, BeautifulSoup, and ClientForm.

September — Jonathan Ellis blogged about September’s IDE shootout. Justin Wilson’s slides on PyDev are also available

August — Shane Hathaway presented on Twisted.

July — Steve Christensen’s presentation on PythonCard. Source code for his examples and slides is also available

June — Paul Cannon presented on metaclasses.